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ACL Tears and Replacements In the United States there is between 100,000 and 200,000 ACL tears a year (anterior). This number may be more but due to the limited data since if you do tear your ACL you do not have to register nothing so if you don't register that you tore your ACL then the number does not go up. Most ACL injuries come from non contact sports or athletics. Surgery is highly recommended for ACL tears. ACL tears can affect lots of people but with surgery you can come back from an injury better than before. ACL tears are a serious injury because they do not heal themselves so no matter what they will require surgery or rehab to make the knee more stable. Usually it tear by doing athletic stuff such as sports. When the ACL tears people will usually feel a pop of the muscle tearing. Tackling can tear your ACL if you get hit on the side of the knee. Any abnormal movement, so twists and bends can put stress on your ACL causing it to tear (mayoclinic). Symptoms of ACL tears include swelling, the popping when it may have torn, and your knee will give out if you put pressure on it other then that could be a sign of just a weak knee. You're knee can also start swelling within few hours and you will lose movement in your knee ( Highly active people are most likely to have their ACL torn since they are always …show more content…

Also with even a partial tear the knee will be unstable and unable to bear weight and because the ACL does not repair itself you would have to have surgery to rebuild it. If you do not plan on having ACL surgery you should at least have a doctor look at it to make sure it will be able to hold up to everyday life. Some people also feel it is not necessary to have surgery on and ACL tear but if you have problems for example if it hyperextends all the time you may want to have

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