Hypnotherapy Case Studies

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Review # 259374 Lucila Fernandez DOI: 03/28/2016. This is a 52-year-old female housekeeper who sustained an injury when she lost footing and twisted her right knee before completely falling 2 flights of stairs. The patient was subsequently diagnosed with meniscal tear. MRI of right knee without gadolinium dated 4/23/16 revealed there is a high-grade sprain of the ACL; there is a low-grade sprain of the MCL; there is a vertical oblique tear through the body of the medial meniscus with underlying chondromalacic change and subchondral edema; and mild to moderate chondromalacia of the patella. As per medical report dated 4/26/16, patient’s presenting problem started 14 days ago. Pain is still present in her right knee. Movement worsens symptoms.

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