Rudolf Hess Conspiracy Theories

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The Demise of Rudolf Hess Randolph Bourne once said, “Society is one vast conspiracy for carving one into the kind of statue likes, and then placing it in the most convenient niche it has.” One large conspiracy theory was about none other than Rudolf Hess, a notorious leader in the Nazi administration and known for his inexplicable solo flight to England during World War II to negotiate peace with the British. Interestingly, that is all the solid evidence can trace about Hess’s life-his story remains a mystery after his arrival in Scotland. There are two main conspiracy theories over his death after his advent: confidential assassination and straightforward suicide. Rudolf Hess’s life was full of mystery, but throughout time, scholars and historians have been able to piece together enough evidence to grasp Hess’s proleptical life. In his early days, Hess enjoyed a wealthy childhood and was fascinated over Hitler later on: “Born in Alexandria, Egypt, on April 26, 1894, Hess fell under the spell that Adolf Hitler was weaving over Germany when he first saw him speak in Munich. Hess joined the Nazi party in 1920, becoming close to Hitler, whom he idolized” (Unsolved Political Mysteries 26). Rudolf devoted his life, “faith, and loyalty” to Hitler and his goals; although he no longer made any personal decisions, later becoming a joke to Nazi leaders (“Rudolf Hess”). Rudolf Hess had a prosperous and well-educated adolescence, but he grew obsessed with Hitler after Germany’s
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