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SJTAA5007 The role of Teachers and support staff in identifying and implementing interventions that suit children’s individual needs using positive behaviour strategies within a primary setting. For the purpose of this project I will be looking at some of the influences that can impact on children’s social and emotional development as they move through childhood. These can often have a great impact on a child’s learning and ability to make successful transitions at key points in their lives. Difficulties often become apparent within the structured institutions such as schools where large cohorts are expected by society to conform to a certain acceptability of behaviour. This is an expectation that can be placed upon a child as young as three years old when they enter the education system for possibly the next fifteen years. Consequently, we know children are …show more content…

This gives opportunities for discussion, reflection and a chance to understand develop empathy for each other. ‘The ultimate objective is to enhance children’s ability to become socially and emotionally competent individuals who succeed in school’. To give a practical example of one of the key initiatives is to praise good behaviour not matter how small and ignore unacceptable behaviour so long as no harm will come to others. This strategy should always be the starting point of your classroom management. The majority of children will respond to this positive reinforcement and quickly understand how to gain phrase for doing the right thing. It also builds on five key rules that children need to follow to allow them to be taught. This is sometimes referred to as show me five. The five being, • Legs

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