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Sarah Breedlove, also known as Madam C.J. Walker, born on December twenty-third of eighteen sixty-seven in Delta, Louisiana. Sarah Breedlove is to be considered lucky as to which she was the first child in her family to be a “free-born” from slavery once her parents were allowed to leave. She lived a tragedy at such an early age of seven with the withdrawal of her parents’ lives in this world. Sarah was then later in the custody of her older sister. At such an early age, Sarah Breedlove was married to her first husband, Moses McWilliams, and became a teenage mother at eighteen with her daughter named A ’Leila. Two years later, her husband McWilliams passed away. While maintaining her young daughter at a public school with the low payment Sarah Breedlove received, she began to …show more content…

Although Madam Walker had little to value, and not enough to be around, she managed to have what others didn’t, a successful business that reached many places. Madam Walker displays a lesson that everyone should follow; if you stumble upon a problem and can’t find a solution, look to see what you have in your surroundings and you will find your answer after doing the necessary and effective work. I admire Madam Walker very much and is now my role model because of her optimism and that she doesn’t give up on anything easily. After all Walker was going through, her daughter, her low paid job and her study hours, she managed to do many things and excel to be one of the most famous women in history. As Madam Walker cared for others, it shows that she was a worthy woman to do great things. I believe that when Madam Walker realized her products have been giving positive outcome to users, she knew she reached her goal in helping others. Her dedication is what got her to be successful. She began with an idea and it grew like no other person was able to

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