Sarah Mclachlan's Accomplishments

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Guess who started the Lilith Fair? That`s right. Sarah McLachlan did. Sarah McLachlan was born on January 28, 1968. She is a Canadian singer born in Halifax, Nova Scotia but lives in Vancouver, BC.

Sarah McLachlan went through many stages in her life before becoming a well-known Canadian singer and what lead her to becoming a successful singer. She got her education in Halifax and she went to Queen Elizabeth High School and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University which is also in Halifax. Sarah McLachlan started singing her songs regarding what was happening around her in the world. For example, the origin for `Hold On` was a documentary of a wife caring for her husband until his death. The root of `Song for my Father` on her father’s death. `In your Shoes` was based on Malala Yousafzai. Her life on the road for two years impacted her life as her thinking was damaged and she wasn't completely rested. She realized that she felt the same as a drug addict. Once she was rested, she wrote a song about being relaxed and not to take drugs. She was divorced in 2008 and caused her to change the types of songs she wrote which were sad songs.

Sarah McLachlan has contributed to Canada and has accomplished numerous things. One of her major accomplishments was the creation of the Lilith Fair. The money collected was used to raise money for
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McLachlan did, she also was an active citizen. Sarah McLachlan was eager to assist people who weren't as lucky as her and people who couldn't live a successful life. So, she decided to raise money by forming organizations and performed all around North America to bring attention to those particular people and aid them to live a joyful life. She also helped recognize women and let everybody know women play an important role in life since she thought no one was paying attention to them. So she travelled around Canada to speak for women and supported them to make them
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