How Did Julie Payette Change Canada

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Julie Payette is a Quebec born Canadian that is changing Canada for the better one incredible thing after another. She has one son named Laurier Brissette that was born in 2003, his grandparents (Julie’s parents) Jacqueline and Andre Payette had Julie in 1963 in their Quebec home. This is where Julie grew up and dreamed of flying to the moon, this is where her dreams of becoming an astronaut started. This woman also was and is still very athletic leading to her later work with the Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Julie also has decided to help contribute to her country by taking up a position with big shoes to fill. This amazing Canadian impacted Canada in the first big way in 2000 by becoming the chief astronaut of the Canadian space agency. Julie wanted to become an astronaut and fly to the moon at a very young age. Julie took her first steps to becoming an astronaut was in 1999 to the international space station. This astronaut was the first Canadian to enter the space station, showing …show more content…

She helped to plan the games and she held the flag for Canada in the opening ceremonies. She is a very proud Canadian and has shown that with all her work to ensure that Canada was a great host for the Olympics in this aspect, therefore she has impacted Canada by setting an example for our young people and being proud of her nation. On October 2 2017 she became the governor general of Canada. As the governor general of Canada she represents Queen Elizabeth the second in Canada and is a big part of our government. She is helping along Canada’s future in a big way in 2017 and a change in one of the highest positions of government has furthermore has impacted Canada in a great way because she will bring many different ideas to the position, she has urged Canadians to work together on issues like climate change and

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