Women In Canada Between 1914 And 1929

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Canada, a home of the great. Between the years 1914 and 1929 there have been many significant events such as change in women roles, Canada’s recognition as a nation, and advancement in technology. The significant events help out Canada by adding to its independence, improving its equality to all genders and establishing new forms of technology. These events have changed our daily lives and now we have grown into a civilized country.
The role of women in Canada had changed a lot in 1914 to 1929. There were many rights that women had achieved during those years, making Canada a better place for them. In 1914, women went to the supreme court so white women can work in a foreign business. In 1916 to 1918 women won the right to vote in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. They also get the right to vote in provincial elections in B.C., Ontario, and Nova Scotia. Shortly after, women got the right to vote in provincial elections in P.E.I. and also married women in Alberta the same legal capacity as men. Finally in 1929 women are appointed as a person like men, this being the most significant of events. The movement has made us better than before in making humans civil. …show more content…

In 1914 Britain brought Canada into the war with no authorization because of the legal status they have. They have declared war on Germany, this has started World War 1. However, the Canadian government had the freedom to determine the country's level of involvement in the war. Canada wanted to be more independent so when Britain asked for help they declined the offer because they did not want to be involved in Britain's acts. However, Britain did not have an outrage against Canada because they do have freedom

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