How Did Eugenie Moore Anderson Affect Politics

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Paige Ransdell
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Eugenie Moore Anderson Eugenie Moore Anderson was born in a small town in Iowa, but she made a lasting impact in politics. From her simple beginning in Adair to influencing Minnesota politics, to becoming the first female ambassador overseas, in both Denmark and Bulgaria. Anderson worked hard to change the way that women in politics were viewed. Anderson impacted United States history by being involved in politics, achieving many political firsts for women, and by breaking stereotypes of women in politics. Anderson was born on May 26, 1909, in Adair Iowa. She was the third of five children, born to Rev. Ezekiel Moore and Flota Belle. Anderson was a pastor’s daughter and loved the sense of family that it gave. She is quoted saying, "Like most ministers' families, we grew up not in one community but in many," (Longden). This idea will feed into her political views later in life, about whether or not countries should work together, or fight their own battles. Anderson attended Clarinda High School in Adair, where she …show more content…

Although she worked hard, Anderson was not elected to Senate, but other opportunities were coming her way. John F Kennedy was now president after Truman served out his two terms, and another position became available. Anderson was appointed to become ambassador to Bulgaria. Bulgaria, at that time, was in an alliance with the Soviet Union. Anderson was the first female to not only be a senator but a senator behind the Iron Curtain, serving in a country that was connected to the Soviet Union. During her time in Bulgaria, the people were very hostile to Anderson At one point she was going to give a Fourth of July address, but in efforts to stop her speech, the government required that she give her speech in Bulgarian. Anderson learned enough Bulgarian in order to give her speech, and she delivered her address despite the

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