Savana Redding Case Study

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The majority believes that the circumstances were reasonable for the alleged crime that was being committed in the school. The school has an obligation towards the protection for the other students and to maintain order within the school and that the rules of the school not to be broken. The search for the pills are considered just because the search was of places that the pills could have been hidden and if not for the fact the rules were broken and the information about Redding’s disbarment of pills were brought to the attention of the school officials the search would not have occurred. The main disagreements between the parties are the way in which the search was handled. It is an agreement that what the student decided to do were against …show more content…

That said, however, the cases viewing school strip searches differently from the way we see them are numerous enough, with well-reasoned majority and dissenting opinions, to counsel doubt that we were sufficiently clear in the prior statement of law. We conclude that qualified immunity is warranted. The strip search of Savana Redding was unreasonable and a violation of the Fourth Amendment, but petitioners Wilson, Romero, and Schwallier are nevertheless protected from liability through qualified immunity. The conclusions here do not resolve, however, the question of the liability of petitioner Safford Unified School District #1 a claim the Ninth Circuit did not address. The judgment of the Ninth Circuit is therefore affirmed in part and reversed in part, and this case is remanded for consideration of the Monell claim. The analysis of whether the scope of the search here was permissible under that standard is straightforward. Indeed, the majority does not dispute that "general background possibilities" establish that students conceal contraband in their underwear. It acknowledges that school officials had reasonable suspicion to look in Redding 's backpack and outer clothing because if "Wilson 's reasonable suspicion of pill distribution were not understood to support searches of outer clothes and backpack, it would not justify

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