Secret Of Nature In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is many things. It is horror, romantic and well, science fiction. The story dwells into the ugly of not only science but of man, monster and loneliness, as well. The novel is a classic, adored by many and an inspiration to modern culture, all forms of media and so much more. The novel mainly centers on Victor Frankenstein [the young student scientist] and his 'monster’ creation. Victor is able to create life, but to his horror, the creature is a ‘monster’, thus, he runs from him. Victor than begins to feel guilty for creating such a thing. On the other, the creature with a kind heart is rejected constantly by his creator and society, leading him to become a ‘monster’ by nature; he extracts revenge by killing Victor’s …show more content…

And for said knowledge and glory, Victor goes above and beyond for it; even resorting to grave robbing to create, 'the glorious creature'. He becomes obsessed, moody and temperamental; distancing himself from family and friends and seeking the beauty of nature.

The creature, on the other hand 'grew up', so to speak, alone and abandoned. There was nothing but hate and horror for the creature. The monster was abandoned by his mother, Victor because of fear and revulsion.The creature like Victor was self-learned and was intrigued ; wanting knowledge but his main drive was not glory, fame or the mystery of life but was basic human needs; love, family and acceptance.

"What chiefly struck me was the gentle manners of these people, and I longed to join them, but dared not.”

Throughout the novel ,Victor was treated with love, care and respect from friends, family and society even though he was selfish, vile, etc., whereas, the monster a gentle creature was treated with fear, disdain and , as a monster because of his outwardly appearance regardless of his heroic and kinder

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