Segregation In Ethan Frome's Of Mice And Men

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When reading the Of Mice and Men you could clearly see many examples of segregation, for example, in gender, you could see that they are in a man’s world and people like Curley’s wife weren’t trusted, or were segregated. Your race is also another way that people are being segregated, Crooks, for example, can’t go to the stable room with someone else only by himself. After examining the book, I concluded with the theme segregation. In the fictional Ethan Frome book, people were being separated from the technology of that time. The main characters are isolated from those clean and advance innovative products that are available in popularized places. They were extremely poor living in Starkfield, Massachusetts but freedom was their number one priority at all times. For this book, the theme I …show more content…

You can clearly recognize a similarity between these two themes, or situations. For Of Mice and Men, the character called Candy was being segregated for his age and disabilities which he thought it was going to result in the difficulty of finding a job because he might get denied to work and then resulting into poverty. But on the other hand, in the book Ethan Frome, Ethan’s family is isolated from technology and from the taste of freedom. They are in the verge of having enough to stay alive. Another example would be that Crooks was not able to go to the stable room with someone else is the same thing as Ethan’s family not being with the rest of the society. In Ethan’s situation, the stable room is where they live and what they are restricted to do, bring someone to the stable room, is them not being able to get together with the rest of society; with technology and

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