Self Confidence In The Hobbit

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Can one item impact you and make you become brave or even self-confident? I think something can. Something as small as a ring or as big as a sword can make you feel braver or more self-confident. In The Hobbit, these ideas are throughout the entire story. Sting and the ring are important as symbols because they represent Bilbo becoming a hero; he shows bravery and self-confidence which are very important ideas in the story. Sting symbolizes Bilbo stepping up and becoming a hero; as a result, he gains bravery. Bilbo receives his sword from Elrond. This was a sword that was used to kill goblins. Once they faced the goblins, the goblins were terrified of it. They were scared Bilbo was going to kill them. Bilbo was about to use the sword again, to kill Gollum then he gained compassion. He knew it was “not a fair fight” (81). When Bilbo faced the spiders he used his sword to save himself and the dwarves. He ended up killing the spiders. But, it was necessary for him to kill the spiders because they were attacking him and the dwarves. Bilbo gained his Took side using this sword. His Took side is his more adventurous side. They crave adventure. Bilbo is starting to enjoy adventure and soon crave adventure. Bilbo before killing the spiders he names his sword. Right before he killed the spiders he jumped in front of everyone and said, “go on, go on. He shouted I will do the stinging.” (151) That is how Bilbo got the name for his sword. He named it “Sting.” The word “sting” in the

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