Sexism In Military

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Human oppression can be defined as the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically by troubles and adverse conditions (""). There are many forms of human oppression and we will take a closer look at all of those. We will also, take a closer look at some real life examples. Furthermore, sexism can be defined as unfair treatment of people based on their sex (""). Especially, unfair treatment of women (""). For example, sexism in the military. Many men do not think women should be in combat because, the tests would be varied and there are not adequate restrooms available for women in combat. I feel that a woman could hold her own being in the military and there should be no barring placed on women. Next, classism is differential treatment based …show more content…

For example, on May 21st, 1935 army law expelled Jewish officers from the army ("Examples of Anti-Semitic Legislation, 1933–1939"). Each person, or group in the army I feel like should be able to have their own beliefs. These officers shouldn't have to be expelled for them. Next, heterosexism is the discrimination or prejudiced by heterosexuals against homosexuals (""). For example, I had a friend who would say mean things about homosexuals. I of course, had a few friends who are homosexuals, so I just decided not to associate with that friend anymore. Ageism is discrimination of old people, or people based on their age (""). For example, I was discriminated against because, I work with children on a daily basis, so I felt the parents were discriminating against my co-workers and I because, we all are college age kids. Next, imagism is a 20th century movement in poetry advocating free verse and the expression of ideas and emotions through clear precise images (""). For example, Hilda Doolittle and her poem titled "Oread

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