Sexual Assault Chapter Summary

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Chapter eight of my book talks about Sexual Assault. Rap, sexual abuse and assault happens more than we think and not just among women, however, men as well. The odds are that the person who abuses you is likely someone that you know. Many sexual abuse cases involving children is unreported as a result of being scared, ashamed, guilt or threatened, same goes for being raped or attempted rapes. There are several myths about rap in the manner that women provoke or wanted to be raped, cry rap to take revenge, women wanted it since they did not resist and many more. (James, 2008) Rape happens every day, furthermore, since this goes unreported, women do not acquire the right help that they need. PTSD can set in whether the rape is reported or not. EMDR is used to help the client if this does not work, then they therapist will also use CBT. Children who are sexually abused manifest PTSD and high risk for anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress. (James, 2008) Children who are sexually abused are generally abused by someone that they know. Men are not the only ones that sexually abuse children. Women who have been abused themselves tend to …show more content…

“Only until 1974 has there been a consistent and planned systematic approach to partner violence” (James, 2008, p. 258). In the same year the National Organization for Women was founded, setting other organizations in place that re still around today, to help domestic violence. In 1994 The Violence Against Women Act was passed, this provided services and community support for women. The Violence Against Women act has been revised in 2000 and again in 2005. There were no shelters for women to go to in 1975, since then over 2000 shelters have been founded in 2002. Unfortunately, in 2002 the 2000 shelters were not enough, the shelters were turning people away for the reason that they were over capacity. (James,

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