Sexual Assault In College Essay

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On August 2012 Emma Sulkowicz reported to being raped in her college dorm, this sparked her senior thesis project called Carry That Weight ,where she would be carrying the mattress on which the assault had occurred and would be continuously doing so until Columbia either expelled the rapist or she graduated (Izadi, Elahe) . This case adds to the one third percentage of women who are assaulted by their senior year in college (Streng, Tara). Another unrelated case that occurred in Stanford was that of Brock Turner whom instead of being the victim was the alleged rapist, he was accused of assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and then being sentenced to only a six month jail sentences versus the maximum of fourteen years (Stack, Liam). …show more content…

Drugs and alcohol seen to coexist on college campuses since colleges are major targets for dealers and are well known for parties. In a survey of women, fifty one percent of them had stated to being raped since coming to the campus (Hollis, Michael).When a women has experienced a sexual assault they tend to avoid telling the police or officials because of self blame and or fear of the case going to court and being looked down upon. Sexual assault is a difficult topic to speak about and more so when the officials are not very understanding. Women are sometimes even terrified to speak up about their assault because of what people might think of them and what people might ask such as “What were you wearing?” “Were you drinking last night?” and probably one of the worst is “You were asking for it” all of this reduces the likelihood that they will speak up. And the ones that do, speak up very rarely get the justice that they deserve.This is a huge problem because along with these overwhelming statistics women are more likely to experience psychological disorders such as Depression and PTSD, which then causes them to drop out of schooling (Streng, Tara). This being the case colleges should offer more methods of help to those that have experience with sexual assault and provide accessible prevention methods or

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