Shahrazad's Conversation Revealed In Oedipus The King

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Before going to the king the vizier had a conversation with his daughter after she came to him with the news that she wanted to be the king’s next bed partner, even though it was widely known that this position was typically a one night deal e ending in death for the woman. Shahrazad made the vizier go to the king, even though she knew what could very well happen to her if her plan doesn’t work out in the way she wanted. At first her father refused and he only did as she wished after she told him if she did not she would only go behind his back.
After warning against her decision the vizier went to King Shahrayar and bow before him to tell him of his daughter's wish. The king made sure that the vizier knew he would most likely have to put his own daughter to death, and that if he refused to do so then he too would be put to death. The vizier explained the situation, stating that she could not be persuaded to change her mind. The news surprised the king very much, though he was not opposed to the idea. The text even states that, "The king was delighted and said, 'Go to her, prepare her, and bring her to me early in the evening.' "
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He possibly wants to make sure there is going to be no harsh feelings. In response to this the vizier says, "But she refuses and insists on being with you tonight." This is his way of saying that his daughter made the decision to do this and he cannot stop her, even though he has tried. This shows even further that he is simply a parent trying to help his child, although his daughter is certainly not making that easy. Once he has news of the king's acceptance he goes to his daughter and says, "May God not deprive me of you." By saying this he gives a glimpse into the fear he feels for his

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