Shakespeare Impact On Society

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Everyone knows the man that goes by the name of William Shakespeare. Even though one may say they are not exactly sure who this man is, or what he has done to impact this world, the certain name still has a ring of familiarity to all. William Shakespeare’s work has left a big impact on society and the way people look at literature. Shakespeare has thirty-seven plays, 154 sonnets, and he even wrote five long narrative poems. Shakespeare today is thought to be the best poet and writer the world has ever seen. Recently, Shakespeare’s work is being questioned whether or not it is significant in today’s literature. This topic is debatable, but there is a simple answer to this question, and it is-yes, Shakespeare's work is significant, relevant, and important! …show more content…

Sean Rose, Courier Journal, writes, “But Jett thought otherwise, and decided to write a letter asking Secretary of Justice and Public Safety J. Michael Brown to defer his release for 60 days so he could stay until the end of the show.” A man by the name of Tim Jett was serving time at the Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in La Grange, Kentucky. Jett had been serving five years at the complex for sexual abuse and was set to be released shortly. Some prisoners of the correctional complex had been recently working on a play by Shakespeare called Merchant of Venice. The prisoners had been working on this play for nine months and everybody in part of the play could not wait to see the final result. Mr. Jett had been a prisoner at the time and

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