The Freaks Come Out At Night Analysis

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The Freaks Come out at Night
Since humans have first gazed into the dark expanse of the night sky, night has stuck both fear and awe into us. We have tried to understand it for centuries, developing methods and sciences of both astrology and astronomy, which still thrive today. We have created stories and myths in order to explain the occurrence of night, as we did with other natural phenomenons that we did not have the technology to understand, such as the Egyptian myth that the sun god Ra captains a boat that sails through and illuminates the sky during the day, but returns to the underworld at night, bringing darkness to the sky. Our early ancestors learned to look for shelter and reclude during the night in fear of predators or any other dangers that could lurk in the darkness that we would …show more content…

With the context of the rest of the scene, Macbeth is noticing what time it is, near dusk when the day is shifting into night, when diurnal animals, animals that are usually active during the day, which includes humans, are going into sleep and nocturnal animals, which are active during the night, are waking up to start their hunting. Here, there are clear distinctions between how Macbeth views the night versus the day. The “good things of day” that Macbeth mentions are the gentleness, politeness and order that exist in the day. Under the light of the sun, people are often their best selves, as there is nothing to hide under. People, like Macbeth, put on gentle and kind façades in order to keep others from suspecting them of harm or in order to blend into a society that is based on mannerisms and order. The day is also associated with holiness and pureness because of the numerous allegories of light with goodness and God in the Bible, which most people at this time read or listened to and followed. For example, the King James version of the Bible, which was completed in 1611, contains the

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