Sharon Draper's Forged By Fire And Out Of My Mind

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No one other than Sharon Draper could pull of being such a talented person with so many accomplishments in life. Sharon Draper has written many children's books and influences many people’s lives. Sharon Draper’s works, Forged by Fire and Out of My Mind, themes connect to her life because she has known people who have been abused, who have been disabled, and she can can connect and understand the people who have had struggles in their life. Sharon Draper is an American author, poet, public speaker, and master educator. She was previously a teacher at Cincinnati Public Schools from 1970 to 1997. She was a challenging, but respected and adored teacher. Although she has retired from teaching in the school systems, she says wherever she goes, she always ends up …show more content…

In her family, attending college was an expectation. She grew up in a family who was always surrounded by books (“Sharon M. Draper”). Draper was reading before kindergarten. Going to the library after school was a hobby for her. Her favorite subject in school was english. Her love of reading is what helped her become such talented author (“Welcome to the Official Site of Sharon Draper”). Forged by Fire is the second book of Draper’s Hazelwood High Trilogy (Sharon M. Draper). The theme of Forged by Fire is to always strive to have courage even through the tough times in life. Gerald started showing courage from the time he was three years old. His mom, Monique, went out, probably to buy some drugs, and left three-year-old Gerald home alone. Of course, one of the worst possible things that could have happened, happened. There was a fire (Draper Forged by Fire 8-11). Gerald went to live with his Aunt Queen while his mother was in jail. (Draper Forged by Fire 16). Once his mother gets out of jail, she waits almost a year to improve her life before requesting to see Gerald for his 10th birthday. Gerald is furious (Draper Forged by Fire 30). Monique

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