Shawshank Rooftop Scene Analysis

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Shawshank prison - Not a place for rehabilitation, a place for atonement - Life is brutal - The bible and discipline are the key instruments for warden Norton in running the prison. - Hierocracy with the rules of Shawshank. Warden and Captain are exempt to them. - As long as the prison follows the bible the warden does not care of the happenings of the prisoners. - '(Lack of hope) First you hate them then you start to get used to them ' - Red. 'They send you here for life and that’s exactly what they take. ' Andy - Convicted for murder at the beginning - Hope - Resilience - White collar in a blue collar environment - Step by step Andy restores the humanity of his fellow prisoners - Gives up some base desires, he stops …show more content…

'A man feels more like a man when he has some suds after a hard day 's work. ' - Makes the prison library, he creates a sense of normalcy as well as redemption for himself and other prisoners. A safe haven for prisoners. - Andy is left in a position of power in the music scene. When he plays the music over the P.A system the prisoners stand silent in amazement. They feel hope and a taste of humanity from the outside world for maybe the first time in Shawshank. " Every man in Shawshank felt free". The prisoners were given hope that there are places in the world that are not made of stone. Andy gives the prisoners a gift of memory and says 'they can’t take that away from you '. - When Andy cracks jokes with the Red 's group he permanently integrates himself in the group. - Andy moved from one project to another first shaping rocks, then building a library then helping the Elvis wannabe Tommy get his high school equivalency. - Andy demonstrates restraint throughout the entire film. An example of a later act of his restraint is when he took only 370,000 of

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