Shell By Cynthia Rylant

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“Trouble with Michael” “Shells” by Cynthia Rylant is a realistic fiction short story about a 14-year-old boy named Michael who lives with his Aunt Esther after his parents’ deaths. In the beginning, aunt Esther has accused Michael of hating her. Soon, Aunt Esther is trying to get closer to Michael by not being on the phone when he had gotten home from school.In the end, aunt Esther had worked her way to get closer to Michael- the hermit crabs and Sluggo were a message to Michael that representd him while Sluggo came out of his shell. This proves that Aunt Esther is trying her best to come closer to Michael. First reason why Aunt Esther is trying to get closer to Michael is not talking on the phone when he gets home from school. In paragraph 26, Michael was describing what she was doing. “ Esther for a change, not on the phone when he arrived home. She was having tea and a crescent roll and seemed cheerful.” As Michael was watching Esther he was thinking about showing her the hermit crab he had bought on his way home. This proves that aunt Esther is really trying to create a strong bond with Michael. …show more content…

In paragraph 39-44, Esther and Michael were talking about sluggo. Esther had suggested to get more hermit crabs so Sluggo had some friends. As Michael and Esther had went to the pet store Esther had bought 20 hermit crabs and aquarium. In paragraph 51, “Michael figured he would have a heart attack before he had got the heavy tank into their living room. He figured he’d die and Aunt Esther would inherit twenty-one crabs and funeral expenses.” This proves that Aunt Esther is starting to become close to

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