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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a prolific writer who created one of the most identifiable and loved characters of all time- Sherlock Holmes. Holmes became the epitome of a detective in British literature and is memorable for his eccentric and unconventional personality. Throughout his novels, Doyle uses common themes and characteristics that can be recognized by anyone who looks closer.
To this day, Holmes is a universally recognized character, by people of all ages. After Doyle’s works, British detective fiction grew. Many authors took that path because it seemed popular with readers at that time. Most of the stories follow a common plot to Holmes stories- the unmasking of a criminal, justice, and the restoration of peace and order. Literary …show more content…

Doyle inserted different facets of characteristics, both negative and positive, making him more believable and easier for readers to relate. A significant part of Holmes’s personality is his chivalrous attitude toward women and his integrity. He does not allow himself any sort of attraction or feelings, as he feels they would get in the way of his unrelenting rationality. Sherlock Holmes as a character is very eccentric, dramatic, and extremely analytic (Gaydosik, “Sherlock Holmes Stories” par. 12). He often surprises and astounds other people with his quick deductions based on miniscule details most people would not even notice about themselves. In one story, Sherlock explains to a close friend that there is a lot that can be inferred from small details, such as thumb-nails or bootlace. Sherlock’s companion, Doctor Watson, never ceases to be impressed by the captivating keenness that Sherlock displayed. Created as a foil to Holmes’s observative personality, Watson referred to him as a “calculating machine”. In response, Holmes explains that any emotions would get in the way of his reasoning, which he places before all other things.
Next, and not surprisingly, Holmes always relies on science and deductive reasoning. His confidence at all times is a notable feature that makes him seem like a hero. He is required to have extensive knowledge of technology and psychology, in order …show more content…

One commonly seen theme in his detective stories is medical knowledge, which is demonstrated by both Holmes and Watson. Doyle, although a prolific writer, was also a doctor, which contributed to the fact that many of his mysteries are based around poisons, drugs and medicines (Reed, par. 1-3). Another commonly displayed characteristic is that Doyle tends to make the puzzle element the focus in his plot. He sets aside characterization and setting and prioritizes the detective methods. Since he keeps his stories short, his focus remains on developing the plot. Doyle, as well as many other authors pertaining to the detective fiction genre, keeps the theme of adventure, thrill, and sensation (Gaydosik, “The Hound of the Baskervilles” par. 2). The way that Doyle presents his characters is in a way that makes it easier for readers to relate. He uses literary devices such as foils to help us get to know the characters in a way that feels personal. A theme seen spread throughout many of his novels is heroism even in common, ordinary people. By many literary critics this is seen as a way of presenting hope to our fragmented society (Connelly, par

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