Shirley Jackson's Haunting Of Hill House

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The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 caused more damage than reparations to worldly peace. Years following the bombs were agonizing to live through, it was impossible to inhabit the bombed areas due to the substantial amounts of radiation in the air.(Warren 98) Evidence can be compiled to believe the bombs had done more harm than justice. “Since the latent period of cancer may be long and cancers in general increase in later life, con- siderable effort has gone into determination of changes in incidence of various cancers as the surviving populations have aged. There is evidence that cancers of the thyroid, female breast, and the lung may be slightly increased among the survivors.” (Warren 99) Looking from a greater perspective, …show more content…

However, Jackson has not earned the praise she deserves. Hague expresses in her reassessment on the author, that the reason behind Jackson’s underrated novel is the complexity and abstract language making it “Hard to categorize”. (Hague 73) Jackson’s writing, Gothic in specific, has been explained as utterly terrifying and compelling. Fear in novels is hard to create, and the many praising reviews of Jackson has never denied the fact she has a knack for creating fear. Through the analyzation of Jackson’s work, it can be said that an everyday setting or relationship is made abnormal by either a comedic or terror twist. In the case of Haunting of Hill Side, she chooses to contort the story to scare the reader. Through the review by Val Wenner, she is celebrated for her darkness. (p1 Warner) I myself have an interest in the abstract and weird pieces of literature. Jackson has won my appreciation; authors who know how to psychologically alter a person's mood are (in my opinion) the most amazing. In this case Shirley Jackson has been hidden behind many “less accomplished authors” (Hague

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