Why Is Truman Unjust

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President Truman was unjust in using atomic bombs during World War II because the bombs were both barbaric and not necessary. To begin, the of atomic bombs was unjust because the effects of the bombs were horrific and inhumane. After the release of the atomic bombs Fat Man and Little Boy on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there was mass building destruction and over 200,000 deaths with the majority of the survivors infected with cancer. The effect of radiation poisoning was awful, and the bomb blasts brutally killed many innocent people. Plus, there are many visual side effects of radiation poisoning, and people with these symptoms were shunned from the general public for being different. So, the use of the bombs was unjust because innocent people, who had no part in the war,…show more content…
Finally, if they had just used smaller bombs, it might have been enough to push Japan past their tipping point of following the Bushido code, a code that says that they should never surrender, something that proved costly to both sides, as the Japanese used kamikaze throughout the captures of Midway, Okinawa and Iwo Jima. Because Truman could use other, available options, he did not possess the right to resort to dropping the atomic bombs. Even though America warned Japan about the bombs, they still should not have used them. Japan had no idea of the grand effects caused by the atomic bombs. For instance, when the bomb was dropped the radius of the blast was many times larger than any bomb before it. In addition, when an atomic bomb explodes, it leaves a long lasting radiation area behind. All bombs previous to this only caused damage when they were exploded. So, though the people of Japan were technically given a warning, many people did not have a voice and were therefore not responsible for the unnecessary and horrific deaths caused by the atomic
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