Shitty Rough Draft Analysis

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In the reading Shitty Rough Drafts by Anne Lamott, she explains that not every piece of work is going to be perfect the first time. Sometimes it can be hard to determine what to write about or even where to start. The solution is to start by writing everything down and go from there. A rough draft is a piece of work that can be edited and changed until it is presentable, you can type anything you want. She has done many pieces and every piece has had a different audience . In Issue Three it talks about how it is important to use the right tone, voice and persona to be able to relate with the audience. To be able to connect with the audience you don't need to change yourself. You need to be open minded and view the situation differently so it can be relatable to you. In some cases it can be …show more content…

You can also learn from others mistakes and draw conclusions from those. Once you have made connections the aducine can either reject it or accept it, you're voicing your own opinion and not some else's. Though at times you may feel very passionate about the subject to the point you use a tone that is harsh, If in the right situation it can be acceptable but if you're prestinsing you want the audience to take you seriously. When you're expressing your opinion being confident helps express the importance of your topic. Using the right tone can make a big difference in how you impact the audience, Having an understanding of the advice can help you determine the tone you need to use. Annie was a food credict had to go to different restaurants and review the food. She thoroughly inspected the food and took detailed notes. She wanted her review to be accurate and professional. Though some didn't like her opinions she wasn't pressured to write a good review it was just her job to tell other customers about the restaurant and her explairce. Playing different roles can help you explore different ideas and may give you

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