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In this essay we will discover that a redneck is a white, hard-working individual from the south. Often having a red neck form working long hours outside receiving sunburn to the back of their necks. Redneck is a word whose meaning has many layers. The word redneck started in America in the 1800’s referring to low class farmers. Today we have created a visual of what a redneck is and how they may live. We use redneck freely in songs and television shows.
When redneck is often used to describe someone from the southern United States it is slur. With no teeth, inbreed, and with no education, rednecks are a class of hard working people.
In the 19th and early 20th centuries redneck was the offensive slang that was politically used for poor farmers. Redneck characterized farmers having a red neck from long working hours receiving a sunburn on their necks. It was commonly used to designate the political factions in the Democratic party. By 1910 the supporters of the farmers, wore red hanker chiefs to picnics and political rallies. Members of the south embrace redneck as a self-identifier, using it with pride. Politically, it was used to attack white southerners and degrade the working class. Coal miners were also considered
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“Redneck Yacht Club,” “Redneck Woman,” Redneck Crazy,” and “Your Redneck Past.” One of my favorites is “A Few More Rednecks” it talks about people not being afraid to take a stand, have a little more respect, having peace and satisfaction, flying the flag in their yard, and minding their own business. It also states that people called a red neck is just a working man that makes a living with sweat and calluses on his hands. When most people think of redneck we have many television shows come to mind Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Billy the exterminator. Are all shows that are from the south and include working therefore no other word could describe them but
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