Short Story 'The Monkey's Paw'

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The Monkey’s Paw Attempting to tamper with fate will often lead to disorder and consequences as a result of greediness. If you were content with your current life, why do anything to change it? To many people, happiness if far more important than a negligible amount of unnecessary benefit. In the chilling short story “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs, the White family suddenly becomes exposed to an eerie talisman that is able to grant them three wishes. The catch was that the wishes had to come “so naturally.” Mr.White’s first wish was for two hundred pounds which he got after learning his son died brutally, his second wish brought the mangled disfigured body of his son to the front door, and the third wish was wishing away the son. Just…show more content…
With his beginning wish, Mr.White acquired “ill-gotten gains” from the Monkey’s paw (Jacobs 3). He didn’t actually need the money but still thought he could unfairly accumulate the two hundred pounds. This also represent how after he tried to get free money, he ended up having to face consequences. After Mr.White declared his wish, he claimed that “‘it twisted in my hands like a snake,’” (Jacobs 3). This symbolizes how with the wish, he was “twisting” his own fate much like how the paw twisted. Like what he was told, “those who interfered with (fate) did so to their sorrow.” (Jacobs 2). The tragic future that led after the Whites possession of the Monkey’s Paw shows that if you are greedy even after being warned of the consequences, you will end up enduring the repercussions. When he makes his final wish, Mr.White realizes the reality of what the Monkey’s Paw is capable of and he “regarded it fearfully.” (Jacobs 6). He realizes the severity of wishing from the Paw and figures out what his family's greed has brought them. He knew the horror of what was behind the door and used his final wish to get rid of what he previously wished for by his own will. The story of “The Monkey’s Paw” shows that if you attempt to alter the course of nature by being selfish, you will ultimately bring you harsh

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