Monkey's Paw: Themes In The Monkey's Paw

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Have you ever watched a suspenseful movie about magic? Have you ever wished you had your own genie that would grant you three wishes? However, the three wishes aren 't exactly what you wished for? Well in the story the Monkey’s Paw that pattern seems to be happening a lot. In the short story, The Monkey 's Paw we are first introduced to the White, the Mrs.White, Mr.White, and their son, Herbert White. Later in the story, we are introduced to Sergeant Major Morris who brought the mummy-like monkey’s paw to the Whites house. The theme of the Monkey 's paw is to never interfere with fate. The theme is shown through many forms in the short story. The forms are the events, the foreshadowing, and the actions. The first reason is the foreshadowing. The short stories have many examples of foreshadowing. One example of foreshadowing that happened in the story was when Mr.White …show more content…

The third reason is the events that happen that lead to the theme. First when Mr.White wished for two pounds. White’s first received the monkey 's paw they wished for some compensations which were the two hundred pounds. When he wished for Two hundred pounds”A fine crash from the piano greeted the words, interrupted by a shuddering cry from the old man. His wife and son ran toward him.” This lead to the reader having the suspense of what was going to happen. Mr.White and Mrs.White later found out that his son had been killed. The visitor said that their son had been “Badly hurt”.( page 112 line 245) Mr.White and Mrs.White were devastated. The Visitor that told them that their son got caught in machinery gave them two hundred pounds for her “son’s services” and the visitor said that they wish to present them with a certain sum as compensation, which was the two hundred pounds that was exactly what they wished for. In all conclusion, the Monkey 's Paw shows the theme that you should never mess with fate. Even if you need more because you never know what you

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