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The Pigman summary The book The Pigman is about a boy and girl named John and lorraine. The two high school students are good friends, but the two of them have done something they feel terrible for doing. They feel mortified about what they did. They also feel like it brought them bad luck, so the two decide to write a book about what happened and what they did. John is a bit of a trouble making. He is such a trouble maker that he is known as the bathroom bommer. This guy has a drinking and smoking problem when he is still in high school. Lorraine Says he has this problem because of his dad being a alcoholic and John kinda shadows his dad. Lorraine is a girl who moved to johns school and she met John one day on the bus and their infantile behavior brought them together. Lorraine has a anxiety problem, unlike…show more content…
John had a lot of fun in the nocturnal room but, lorraine didn't have as much fun. Mr.Pignati took them to see his favorite part of the zoo. His favorite part of the zoo was his friend Bobo. Bobo wasn't the coolest monkey but Mr.Pignati loved him. After their time at the zoo with Mr.Pignati they started to go to his house after school. Mr.Pignati always had hors d'oeuvres for the kids. The kids started going over day after day till they final thought they should tell Mr.Pignati they made up the J and L fun. After they told him he was upset but they cheered him up. At one of his visits it went bad. Mr.Pignati was chasing John up the stairs and had a heart attack. The heart attack was not that bad but it was still scary for the kids. Because Mr.Pignati was in the hospital for his heart attack the kids had the house to them self. The first night they had the house alone John and Lorranie had a spaghetti dinner. John put on some of Mr.Pignatis cloths and Lorraine put on his wife's clothes. John thought she looked beautiful and chased her up the stair into the bedroom and kissed

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