Should America Have Allied With Stalin's Speech Analysis

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Adapt a speech to a specific audience? (2 points)

In this activity, you wrote a speech arguing about whether America should have allied with Stalin against Hitler. You read an article giving perspectives on Stalin and Hitler and drew your own conclusion.

Could the US alliance with Stalin have prevented the huge damage that was done to many Europeans under Hitlers rule? Adolf Hitler's evil actions brought death to 11 million Jewish on January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945 (V-E Day); the end of the war in Europe. They were tortured, beaten and worked to death. Many were killed in gas chambers and many were used for experiments such as those conducted to "cure" homosexuality in homosexual men and women. More torturous experiments and practices were done not only to homosexuals, but pregnant women, disabled people, and children as well as men and women with good health. Not only did Hitler's rule hurt the European Jews, but it also greatly harmed other countries weaker than Germany. Germany tried taking many countries which resulted in the death of many soldiers and civilians. Hitler was a villain of peace in the world, but allying with Stalin was not the best option for the United States as it did not guarantee that the people of Europe and the US would have been safe. Stalin was not a man who kept his promises and who cared for his …show more content…

Stalin and Hitler were both evil men who killed many of their people, but allying with Stalin to end Hitler was not the answer. The alliance would have caused the US to join a country that was equally destroying its people. It would also have created a horrible reputation to the US as both Stalin and Hitler caused damage to their people and to other countries for their own benefit. We must remember that trying to fight evil with evil does not create good because evil will always win in that

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