Was Ww2 Justified Dbq

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World War II was a war that started because of a Fammious not so good leader named Adolf Hitler who made it really clear that he was antisemitic and wanted Jews to be a thing of the past. He started mass genocide against Jews in 1933 when he came into power. Then, on September 1, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, which started World War II single handly until September 2, 1945, when he killed himself in a bunker. And this made World War II justified because of the mass genocide of Jews and civilians, and the sure amount of power Hitler had over Europe. But its also not Justified because

World War II was justified to stop Hitler from killing more Jews and civilians. A chart was made to show the amount of Jews that Nazis killed, it shows that Nazis killed 50% of the Jews in Romania and Hungary, about 70% in the Soviet Union, and Austria, and 85% of the Jews in Poland (Doc 5). This is something that shows the amount of Jews that died even with people trying to stop Nazis, and even if something wasn’t done about it he could have slathered the entry of the Jew population. Hitler also broke Treaty the of Versailles when he sent his troops into the unprotected Rhineland (Doc …show more content…

Looking at a map of the Nazi Germany Conquest shows all the countries that he would attack and take over, including areas of Poland, France, Russia, and countless others (Doc 4). This evidence makes the war justified because it makes Hilters takeovers less effective and frequent. Another reason why this makes the war justified was because of the London Blitz. This event was from September 7, 1940, to May 11, 1941, when the Nazis would bomb London and the surrounding cities, and where at one point they would bomb them for 56 consecutive days in a row (Doc 7). This makes the war justified because it would try to make the cities easier for Nazis to attack these

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