Should Government Raise Minimum Wage Essay

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The question being asked is “should government set minimum wage?” Of course, everyone is going to have a different view of this and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but mine is that The government should not raise minimum wage. I take this side for many reasons, one being because it is used to pay young and low skilled workers. Although it is hard to support yourself, let alone a family on a minimum wage salary, minimum wage is a training wage that gives employees an opportunity to gain skills necessary and quickly earn far more than minimum wage. According to economists and Miami and Florida State University, Two-thirds of employees get at least one raise within their first year at their job. By raising minimum wage, the value of these training opportunities and incentive to earn more money goes out the door. Truth be told, it’s just life, and life isn’t always fair. By raising the minimum wage, it opens up the opportunity for less qualified employees to earn the same amount of money as the higher skilled workers. If an employer believes an employee is highly qualified, they will start their pay higher than the current minimum wage. Some may beg to differ and say that if the company is small or big should be taken into considerations and that is actually Another reason the government should not raise minimum wage, because the size of companies varies. There are a lot of small and family owned companies in the U.S. and many of them would be more than glad to…show more content…
By the government raising minimum wage, this will force owners to compensate with their employees. This could result in letting employees go, giving employees very limited hours or cutting down the owners pay. Whichever way it goes, this is a downfall to the economy because people will end up losing their jobs, businesses will lose money which would decrease total profit and it could result in the closing of businesses and
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