Why The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Increased

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Workers across the United States wish to raise the minimum wage to ten dollars. Minimum wage should not be increased because people who work at fast food restaurants should not get paid as much as someone who workers harder than they do and it would not be a benefit to the people of the United States. Minimum wage means you get paid the minimum you can receive for working every hour, why wouldn’t an individual want to get paid at the maximum limit they could earn instead? Employees who would like to get a higher income need to get a more professional job. There are plenty of fast food restaurants in every state and they are always hiring full-time and part-time jobs, but shouldn’t adults work somewhere with more benefits, such as a hospital or a school? …show more content…

Out of fifty states, twenty-nine have raised the federal minimum wage above $7.25. As of January first, 2016, only two states have raised their wage to ten dollars, those two states are California and Massachusetts. Moving to California or Massachusetts to get paid higher seems like a great idea does it not? What most people do not understand that with a higher wage comes higher prices along with that increase of money. You may be getting paid ten or fifteen dollars an hour to serve people burgers, but you go to the grocery store and spend your entire paycheck on food for your family. When the minimum wage increases, business owners will have reduced profit, sales will fall off, and prices will raise. Eventually, the owner will not get any profit because the store will get $10 off sales but the worker demands $15 and the worker will have to be fired. A high minimum wage sounds like a great idea in the free market, but it seems like a joke. Customers will not agree to pay more on a product just because the business has to pay the worker more and they will lose a profit they really cannot afford to

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