Should Internet Be Used For Political Candidates?

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Using internet politics has become increasingly popular and also an essential tool for political campaigning. In the past, newspapers, radio, and television were the main forms of communication. Because of advancements in technology and especially the Internet, political campaigning is easier for candidates. As people today are now living in the digital age, the Internet is becoming a more popular tool and has the potential to increase political participation among individuals. Candidates can utilize trends such as using the Internet to send out their messages and advertise for political campaigns. The Internet has become a vital resource for political campaigning because it encourages political participation via easier accessibility, as well …show more content…

Candidates may inquire for “small online donations [which later] made up a major portion of funding in the presidential campaign” and therefore is substantially easier than asking for volunteers to ask for donations, such as having baking sales, knocking on doors in various neighborhoods, or using other methods (Herrnson, Stokes-Brown, and Hindmand, 33). In addition to gathering support via donations to fund for campaigns, Data collectors and other representatives, who wish to obtain “more nuanced polling data in less time” from people, may inquire from Web-based surveys to establish demographics that may later assist the candidate in the future (Howard, 164). Through donations and demographics, candidates and supporters may use these efficient tools to facilitate and elicit political responses online rather than traditional methods to plan out strategies to try to win campaigns. Candidates may utilize the Internet to recruit supportive volunteers though “Meetups” (Herrnson, Stokes-Brown, and Hindmand, 33). Through easily accessible advertisements asking for volunteers in campaigns, people with a high desire to be politically active can do so through the Internet, and ultimately benefit candidates in a quick and efficient …show more content…

What and how the politician’s message is said influences the audience and “the type of political opinions held by participators, not simply their demographic makeup… influences the policy-making process” (Best and Krueger, 198). Perhaps through powerful, moving speeches and plans that appeal to a large portion of the audience in addition to using the Internet, the candidate may benefit substantially. Another explanation is that citizens “either choose to consume political content or they do not” based on their interests and motivations (Howard, 169). In order to win elections, must appeal to a large portion of the audience in order for them to vote for candidates; it is not the Internet that is the tool for having political campaign success, but it is how the candidate is able to appeal to the audience. Factors from physical campaigns, such as “physical resources, human resources, [all] in the form of Internet skills, increase the likelihood of online political activity” that candidates must effectively utilize to best portray themselves in a positive light (Best and Krueger, 193). Because the Internet encompasses these skills in a much faster format that has more potential to reach a larger

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