Silence In The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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Elie Wiesel's memoir, Night, follows a teenage boy through various concentration camps as he fights to live during the horrific Holocaust of World War II. Many people are apathetic to the Jews' plight, and the Jews are forced to quietly endure the atrocities of the Holocaust. Silence is a major issue that pervades throughout the entire duration of the Jewish Holocaust. The recurrent theme of silence is best portrayed in Wiesel's Night through the silence of humanity and of the Jews throughout the horrendous Holocaust.
To begin with, the world remains silent and seemingly ignores the events of the Holocaust. When Eliezer arrives in Auschwitz and sees the fire pits in which babies and adults are being burned alive, he wonders why "the world …show more content…

As they are treated like animals and forced to march all night on the way to another concentration camp, Eliezer observes men dying, yet hears "not a sound of distress, not a plaintive cry," only "mass agony and silence," as "one died because one had to." The Jews have no one to turn to for protection and are powerless to do anything to spare themselves. They are at the hands of their captives, the Nazis, and have no escape except for death. As such the Jews quietly accept their fate and whatever comes their way, even as they silently pass on. They are all in the same predicament and see no benefit in making a big scene, so the Jews silently live their lives for as long as they are able to. The Jews silently endure the Holocaust, as they are unable to stop it themselves without outside help.
Overall, through his memoir Night, Elie Wiesel conveys the silence of the suffering Jews and of the world in the Holocaust. The Holocaust was devastating and Hitler exterminated millions of Jews while the world wordlessly looked on. Wiesel expresses the horror of this in Night as he sets forth the truth and reality of what he experiences. He boldly declares his inner turmoil and feelings, and his account pleads with readers to not let anything like the Holocaust ever happen again, from ignorance or lack of

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