Similarities And Differences In The Outsiders By E. Hinton

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Wiles The Outsiders is a novel about a boy whose life is in chaos and he is caught between rival gangs. Ponyboy’s life is in chaos due to the recent death of his parents and the almost constant tension between his gang, the Greasers, and the wealthy west-side Socs. While some believe that ponyboy always hated the Socs, his interactions with Cherry, Randy and the death of Bob reveal to ponyboy that the Socs are human. At first Bob and Ponyboy appear to be opposites, with vast differences in breeding….,socioeconomic status, and temperament. But as the story progresses, Hinton underscores the surprising similarities between these antagonists: their often untapped reserves of anger and passion, their disappointment in their families. Like bob and
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