Similarities Between 1984 And Fahrenheit 451

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This quote is an example of “doublethink” a method used by the party to control the minds of people. The Party made people accept that two mutually contradictory beliefs were considered true. A novel similar to 1984 known as Fahrenheit 451 had a similar idea; both novels had a government that wanted to control their citizens. Both governments didn’t want their people to become smarted than them so they used different methods of doing so. In 1984 they burned all existing books and rewrote history; in Fahrenheit 451, firemen burn books because they are told to by the government. These phrases were one of INGSOC’s slogans. INGSOC was an English socialist party in Oceania, whose goal was to take over the minds of the people. One of INGSOC’s mind …show more content…

Later Winston does however pin down the memory, when Winston was a kid he was very greedy, his mother had recently received a chocolate ration and shared it with Winston and his sister. When Winston had finished his portion he immediately took his sisters portion and ran off with it. After he finished he came back and his sister and mother had been taken away. This was the last time Winston ever saw his mother and sister. Why was love and relationships a crime in Oceania? The party wanted to take over and control the minds of the people, one way to achieve this was to stop all relationships and sex so people would stop trusting each other and direct their loyalty and love towards the party. Why would O’Brien turn against his own party when he has a high position? Winston and Julia felt certain that O’Brien was a member of the brotherhood. One day O’Brien invites Winston and Julia to his apartment; Winston and Julia fully confess that they are against the party and want to join the brotherhood. O’Brien send Winston and Julia home with the Goldstein’s Book. Later Winston and Julia are caught and sent to prison, in prison O’Brien admits to Winston that he had pretended to be a part of the brotherhood so he could get Winston to admit his

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