Examples Of Heroism In 1984

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In the novel, 1984 by George Orwell, Winston is both a anti-hero and a hero. A hero is a man who is appreciated or admired for strength, extraordinary accomplishments, or honorable qualities. A anti-hero is a focal character in a story, motion picture, or show who lacks regular heroic qualities. Winston shows both anti-hero and hero traits by showing the good and bad qualities about him in the novel.
Winston was a brave man who supported his society. He supported his convictions which made him a legend and he was ready to do anything for what he trusted. An example of this could be the point at which he guaranteed O' Brien he would do anything for the fraternity regardless of the possibility that it implied harming kids. O'Brien asked Winston …show more content…

They typically bring out sensitivity or esteem in others and they ordinarily have a defect that makes them unsuccessful. Anti-heroes regularly lack basic courageous traits, for example, soul, respectability or simple qualities. In spite of these imperfections this character has, he turns out to be the modern anti-hero due to his morals being in the right place. Winston trusts everybody ought to be given equivalent opportunity, and he understands the dishonesty the Party makes. He shows bravery by defying the Party, and remaining by his choice even when he was seized. He "knew he was in the wrong, but he preferred to be in the wrong" (353) and the best way to remove that from him, was through broad mental brainwashing. Despite the fact that Winston is fundamentally the same as Guy Montag in the novel Fahrenheit 451 he additionally is somewhat different. The character of Guy Montag at last triumphs because he evades the government, discovers peace in a group of similarly invested individuals, and departures demolition in the atomic war. Winston Smith, then again, comes up short and in the end and gives in to brainwashing and takes forever to truly figure out what he needs to do in his

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