Similarities Between Antigone And Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Martin Luther King often seeks inspiration from the Bible as well as from notorious philosophers of the Ancient Greeks such as Socrates, Plato and Odysseus. MLK was mostly inspired by how they guided their actions, making them harmonic with its justice. He will employ similar themes that pertain to lack of power and its relationship with freedom and justice: doing what is right ethically. It is very astonishing to observe how Antigone and Letter from Birmingham Jail are akin, despite being written at two different decades. In both cases, they fight for the good of society. Both Antigone and Martin Luther King used nonviolent protests in their actions to express their opposition by doing what they believed was morally right. A prime example …show more content…

Similarly, no one will ever state to the white Americans that what people have taught to them was absolutely rubbish. This is what really inspired Martin Luther King in the writing of his letter. In his letter from Birmingham Jail, he refers to these prisoners and doctor King becomes their spokesperson. He protests the injustice of our system in order to bring positive change in society. For that matter, the people who were isolated in the cave in the early centuries were confronting the same position as the black Americans, because they were both fooled and …show more content…

In the Odyssey, the protagonist is able to overcome the barriers that come through his journey and confirms his leadership skills to his readers. He proves himself as being a hero by overcoming intricate challenges. They both want to realize a crucial space in the world. As for Odysseus, he leads his commandants unbelievably well despite of all the stumbling blocks present during his journey. He encourages the population in the most despondent times. Most importantly, the main character of this story manages to take control of his followers and overcomes the most convoluted circumstances, perhaps when Odysseus and his men fell in Polyphemus’ trap. Yet, he managed to save them from death by blinding the Cyclops, Polyphemus. Odysseus is the true hero of the 8th and 9th century! Just like Odysseus wanted to prove his place in the world , MLK fought for the civil rights of his community by protesting and overcoming fear of being underestimated. He mostly wanted to change society’s negative perception into a positive one. His desire is to prove that the White people are no more superior than the Black community. Both protagonists eventually did bring a new paradigm to the society: they both led successfully and brought positive impact in the development of our community! MLK as well as Odysseus want recognition for their hard work. “If your actions inspire

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