Similarities Between Beowulf And Odysseus

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The significance of being a hero in real life or in literature is the development of certain elements of their characters that bring out the qualities that allows those around them to follow faithfully; without doubt or question. Beowulf and Odysseus both have their own individual paths that they have taken in their quests; during these quests they are able to establish to those around them through their acts the establishment of their hero status.
Odysseus, also known by the Latin name Ulysses, was a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the hero of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey (Encyclopedia Britannica). Beowulf is an epic poem from Old English relating to the hero exploits of Beowulf and his battles. It is set in the pagan world of sixth-century …show more content…

The loyalty he has is not just for his men, but also for his wife and his household he left behind many years prior (E.W.L. 2.13). While he has the ability to be a quick thinker and is resourceful which helps him in many situations, he also uses this same ability and some shrewdness to manipulate or convince those around him to his needs without regard for any future consequences. Even with the accomplishments he has completed in his adventures in eventually establishing himself; as an exceptionally hero, he does has some flaws that make him a mortal hero having human like flaws. These acts do test his mortality, but also grows his hero status. Odysseus at times is notoriously annoying the Gods, but still understands that they control factors of his life; he does have a protector in Athena (Dobel …show more content…

This eventually caused him and those around him to suffer the consequences of those actions; even death. While he was successful in finally taking back his home and reuniting with his wife and son and reclaiming his throne it came at a cost. Odysseus portrays the qualities of mortal leadership- leadership that must be ethical even though exercised in an imperfect world where decisions may literally mean life and death (Dobel 215). Beowulf’s character in this epic poem doesn’t need to grow, as Beowulf’s skill’s and battlefield courage remain the same till the end, even if he makes things harder for

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