Similarities Between Gene And Finny In 'A Separate Peace'

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There are many instances in “A Separate Peace" in which Gene and Finny are each other's foil character. Throughout this novel there are many different ways that Gene and Finny highlight one anothers aspects. During their interactions it is obvious how well these two characters serve as foils for each other. Finny is outgoing, charismatic, and carefree. While Gene on the other hand is analytical, introverted, and envious. Gene is not a star athlete, on the other hand Finny is the best athlete on campus. This is one instance in which Gene highlights a characteristic of Finny’s. Gene’s inability to be the best at sports is used to highlight how good Finny is at sports. For example, in chapter four Finny confesses to Gene that he thought Gene didn’t have to study and that the knowledge just came to him like it did for him and sports(Knowles 58). In the same sense Finny is able to highlight Gene’s ability to ace all of his classes and be one of the best scholars at Devon. Gene prioritizes his classes and studying while Finny could care less about studying. For example in chapter four Finny asks Gene to go with him to watch Leper jump out of the tree when Gene blows up in Finny’s face about studying and exams to which Finny seems …show more content…

For example in chapter two during the headmaster's tea Finny is seen wearing a tie as a belt to which Mr.Patch-Withers calls him out on which Finny uses his charm and confidence to skillfully get out of the confrontation(Knowles 27-29). Finny is able to back up himself with his charm and confidence while Gene would never be able to do the same for himself. In the same way Finny is a natural leader while Gene is naturally a follower. For example in chapter one Finny takes the lead and jumps from the tree first and then Gene follows suit and jumps from the tree next(Knowles

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