Similarities Between Jazz And Hip Hop

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Throughout the history of this country, the music of African-Americans has had a strong influence upon our society as well as our culture. This music started by carrying the slaves from Africa and is still with us today. The youth of today have retained certain elements within the music to form other unique styles of music. Jazz and hip-hop are two of the most widespread and popular forms of black music ever created. They were both strictly created by black musicians. These forms of music were popular among both the young and older generations of African Americans. However, outside of the African American race, jazz and hip-hop has become a performance by people of all race and ages. Buddy Bolden invented jazz in 1877 in New Orleans (the guardian, 2010). That is where jazz is known to get its main influence from. It derived its style from two different types of street music; string bands and percussion bands. Jazz had been evolving for almost a decade before it was recorded. A white New Orleans band called the Original Dixieland Jazz Band beat all the superior Southland black bands to it …show more content…

It is proven through belief that hip-hop was indirectly created from and influenced by the scatting and improvisation of jazz. Some even refer to hip-hop as the “jazz of the younger generation” (difference between hip-hop and jazz, 2011). Both jazz and hip-hop used their lyrics to express life. They also share many Afrocentric characteristics. They have polyphony, rhythm, repetition, and call and response in common. Poetry and dance performance both use jazz and hip-hop as their form of music. However, both are very interesting forms of music. They were both invented in the streets of blacks and perfected by talented black musicians. Even though jazz music made its first appearance in the nineteenth century, hip-hop is the one that has transcended into more than just a popular music genre. It is enjoyed all around the

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