Charles Joseph Bolden

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Charles Joseph “Buddy” Bolden is considered the father of jazz music. His specialty is the cornet which he played in his band that was discovered as the first group to play jazz music. The rhythm from his talent inspired the perfect sound to dance to. Though his music entertained crowds of people, a recording of Bolden’s ability was never created. It is only up to the imagination of what he really sounded like. After falling into a rut of alcohol, his health started to decline. He experienced headaches, anxiety, and paranoia which led to his enrollment in the Louisiana State asylum. Logically, alcohol was the cause of his behavior but some people think he was under a voodoo curse. In 1931, he died at the asylum where he was capable of playing the cornet until his last breaths. His legacy inspires every upcoming jazz musician today.
Jazz music was created by the people to express their opinions and spread togetherness despite the events that were occurring during this era. Musicians showcased their views on political, social, and religious outlooks. The most …show more content…

Since technology is advancing, jazz is as well. With the development of electronics in music, jazz music can contain sounds digitally compressed by a DJs beat. Jazz musicians still use techniques created by the early jazz composers, but they can also intertwined their own style in their piece. Some people believe that jazz should only consist of what it was invented with but most people agree that it is up to the musician if they want to include their own spin with their jazz music. The art of jazz is adaptable to any new advances in technology or influences. From the beginning, jazz has been about expressing your feeling and that is what the modern musicians are trying to do without copying the foundation of the genre. There is no doubt that technology will keep changing which correlates to the fact that jazz music with constantly change over

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