Similarities Between Of Mice And Men And The Red Pony

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Steinbeck has written The Red Pony and Of Mice and Men both of these books showing “coming-of-age” and “loss-of-innocence” can change people’s perspective on how you should act. Also how you know should act versus how you do act in certain situations. In The Red Pony Jody also starts to act more sustained and doesn’t freak out when things like when Billy decided to cut a creature's head, “Billy lifted the weak head and made a quick slash with the knife. Jody saw the yellow pus run out” (pg 153 RP). As Jody grows into mature and is “coming-of-age” he starts to freak out inside, but never show it on the outside. He can maintain his thoughts and emotions when they should be maintained. In Of Mice and Men George is given the benefit of the

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