Similarities Between Shlafly And Martin Luther King Jr

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Phyllis Schlafly were two popular social activists in the United States. The activists had the reputation of advocating human rights and social equality in the country. As a result, their views and contribution to the United States’ political social, economic, and political issues had significant influence on the country’s policies and laws. Therefore, the analysis of the Schlafly and Luther King Junior’s views help define the meaning and significance of America’s laws, social ideologies, and political philosophies.
Schlafly and Luther King Junior present varying views on roles of the government. Luther indicates that the government had completely failed their duties to protect the rights of minority members of …show more content…

Schlafly compares women in the United States and other developing countries. Schlafly affirms that American women have additional advantages and privileges as compared to most of their counterparts in other countries. American women also have well-defined roles in the society that shapes their position and power. The existing laws have also proved relatively productive in supporting women’s role and position in the society. Therefore, contrary to Luther, Schlafly indicates that the government has played a significant role in supporting women and their position in the society …show more content…

Both indicate that social justices have significant roles in shaping individual’s living standards. Luther indicates that the Negros should have equal rights to engage in social and economic activities. Therefore, the existing negative stereotype is a threat to the minority members’ justice. Besides, the act of denying minority members equal opportunities to engage in social activities is a threat to their social wellbeing. Therefore, direct action can facilitate social justice among Americans. Luther also affirms that the act of jailing advocates of social justice is unethical and incorrect. Instead, the government should consider listening to the needs and interests of all people in the society (Luther). Schlafly also affirms that American society has played an essential role in supporting social justice among women. The existing laws provide real liberation among women. Women in the society have additional advantages as compared to men. For instance, the existing great American free enterprise system grants women the power to engage in productive economic activities that support their social welfare. Women also have a critical role in supporting family affairs and activities. Furthermore, women have influence in shaping economic and political activities in the United States. Therefore, Schlafly indicates that Women’s Libbers are not interested in the American women social welfare. Instead, the movement

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