Similarities Between The Crucible And Puritan Religion

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In the story “The Crucible” and the article “Puritan Religion and Beliefs” There are many similarities and differences. The main similarity that is found in both literary works , was during this era anyone who sinned and was found guilty of the crime faced public humiliation.The difference in the works comes from paragraph two of the article, it states that we are either “born sinful” or “destined to be saved”. In “The Crucible” knowing your commandments and respecting God means that you know better and acting out of the ordinary means that you are possessed by an evil spirit.The article that was written gave a clear description of how Puritans thought in the beginning and towards the time when “witches in Salem” were discovered. In both works the majority of them was the idea of how sinning was not widely accepted amongst Puritans and anyone who did anything was shunned by others. Sinning in both passages included adultery and dancing. In “The Crucible” John Proctor committed the act of adultery with Abigail Williams, when his wife, John Hale, and Judge Danforth found out about it they were shocked by his betrayal. Dancing meant that you were performing some type of ritual worshipping the Devil. In “The Crucible” when the girls were spotted dancing in the woods they were suspected to be practicing some form of witchcraft, anyone who …show more content…

Based on the Article we can conclude that if you are born poor you’re pretty much ‘Bound to a life in Hell’ because that may lead you to a life of crime. This is similar in today’s life because most people who are born into a low standing in society tends to do whatever they can to get through life, we look at them based on religion and judge them as non-believers. During the Salem witch trials in “The Crucible” Abigail Williams only got with John Proctor in hopes that she could seek profit from his wealth as a

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