Similarities Between The Internet And World Wide Web

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The Internet The Internet and the World Wide Web – The Internet and the World Wide Web often confused for one and other, but they are technically different. The World Wide Web is an information-sharing tool that is built around the Internet. The Internet is a huge network made up of computers that are connected from all around the world. The Internet is a linked network of computer networks. (Bevan J. , 2010) The Internet as network of networks – The computers connected to the Internet aren’t connected to one huge computer which holds the services and information people require. The Internet is made up of sub-networks, some of the PCs hold the information people need and others just access the information. (Bevan J. , 2010) Networking of computers – Networking of computers can either be wired or wireless. Wired networks are made up of PCs which are joined together using cables to connect them to the main hub. Wired networks offer businesses more security than wireless networks as well as being able to transfer data quicker. Businesses can confine their network to just their members of staff, this is known as an intranet. This is the type of network used within College, with access to the Internet only being granted to College systems for educational purposes. If the College were to open their network and allow outsiders to use their network through giving them their password, this would be an extranet. Many cafes and restaurants use extranets to get customers into

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