Unit 3 File Server D1

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is in one place which is the file server. These machines still have a monitor, motherboard, network card, keyboard and mouse. It loads up the operating system from the network instead of a hard drive.

Use of backup

The backup is when we take a copy of files or system to store it. There are 3 types of backups and they are the full backup, incremental backup and differential backup. The full backup is where a backup of all files and folder is copied. An incremental backup means where all changes are backed up the last backup.
The differential backup means where all changes are backed up since the last full backup. All large and some small business have the backup system. Also, home user are also backup as well, although most do not.

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Often, many organisations use VPN to communicate across many locations. For example, a big company has many offices in different cities and they probably need to send data to the different places via the internet. Therefore, to keep the data secure, they probably set up a VPN with an encrypted connection so that unauthorised cannot access the data. Moreover, each employee might have a VPN account with their business or company, so it 's help them to connect to their office computer from home or other places. It is very helpful for the travellers or business that they can access any kind of office data from their laptop.

Intruder Detection system

It is a type of security software which is identifying the malicious activities and later on, it finds the person who is trying to do malicious activity. For example, an insubordinate employee gives all information about a customer to another company without permission which is illegal. Also, he shows his dishonesty to his company. Therefore, the intruder detection system will be able to protect the information. …show more content…

Lower levels in the group of users may able to access particular pieces of data and their files will be stored in their own areas. Different levels of access help to ensure that the network remains secure and that only licenced software is used by the network. There some privileges are. Read privilege that can allow a user to see the selected information.
Write privilege that allows a user to change something
Execute privilege is that allows a user to create folders, files or set date.

Software updating
If you want to protect your computer from any malicious activities, therefore, you should update your computer security software regularly. It is very important to update a software security software because some weakness software may allow a hacker or viruses to gain access to your computer. Moreover, update a software can able to make your computer faster. If you do not update the security software that means there will be changes to get attacks by hackers and viruses so you should update a security software regularly. Disaster recovery e.g. Backup

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