Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 8 P1

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Health and safety at work act 1947 The health and safety at work is the legislation, which covers the employees’ health and safety in the UK. The law requires a high level of management that employers must follow, they must look at risks and assess them and take a sensible measure to prevent these risks from happening. This policy and procedures is for Risk assessments and the fire policy/procedure. This promotes safety because care organisations have to make sure that they are able to provided a safe environment in a health and social care setting. Food safety act 1990 The food safety act states that people who are working with food must have good hygiene practice and be able to use the services safely and prepare and store food correctly. This policy and procedure is for Food hygiene. This promotes safety because its …show more content…

There are two categories; 1 is about doing risk assessments and figuring out what to do when an emergency occurs. 2 is about organization of things such as transport, this group is less likely to be involved in main planning of work but will be involved in incidents/emergencies that affect sectors. This policy and procedure is for incident and emergencies. This promotes safety because routes and procedures have been planed and placed in order in case of an emergency, by doing this it helps reduce the chance of any injuries or deaths when an emergency is happening. The care act 2014 This legislation is a new law about the care and support for adults in England. The law came into action in April 2015. This policy/procedure is for the first aid policy/procedure and the safeguarding policy/procedure. This promotes safety by it makes sure that adults are cared for with the right care and support on a hospital ward or in any health and social care setting. The data protection act

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